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Nobu Saito

Nobu founded ShoreBlend with one simple vision: there should be an easier way to go global.

Prior to embarking on this venture, he was responsible for marketing and business development at Lumenas Animation Studios, an independent motion picture studio currently producing feature length movies using a hybrid of computer graphics and stop-motion techniques.

Prior to working at Lumenas, he worked as a chief publicist and marketing planner at Warner Entertainment Japan, where he successfully launched DVD titles such as Batman Beyond, Bird, Round Midnight, The Goonies, The Never Ending Story, Big Wednesday, and Grave of the Fireflies. Before moving back to Tokyo, he worked for MGM TV distribution analyzing licensing deals and creating sales packages.

While still in a college, he marketed specialty goods to department stores and distributors. Japan's retail market is well known for complicated distribution systems that set up barriers to entry. He found ways to open them.

He earned his MBA from San Francisco State University and BA from Nihon University.

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