Blending business and culture for international business, we help you create value and new opportunities in today's global economy.

We see no lines in the sand. GO Global. GO ShoreBlend.
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We help you go global
Expanding your business internationally is an exciting adventure. Overseas markets provide great opportunities for your products and services. But, how are you going to do it? Whom do you contact? Especially for a seemingly perplexing country like Japan, someone who has inside networks can be vital to your success. We make the process comfortable and easy.
Test international waters
Just like learning how to swim, you can dip your toes into the international waters gradually and explore the opportunities one stroke at a time, thus minimizing risk, while maximizing your chances of success.
Make it to the next stage
You've localized your product, customized your service and have your contacts working for you, but sales aren't growing as you expected. What do you do? Our local expertise is here to bring your global business to the next stage.


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