Blending business and culture for international business, we help you create value and new opportunities in today's global economy.

We see no lines in the sand. GO Global. GO ShoreBlend.
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We imagine.  What if, this could happen? It would be so cool, if we could do this. We ask these questions a lot. Looking at things from a different perspective and seeing through eyes of imagination, we strive to develop an innovative marketing approach to make you stand out. Simply translating your website and brochure into the local language won't cut it. We create advertising copy that resonates with the people you want to reach. We craft your sales pitch that makes your next elevator ride more exciting.  
Map for your direction.  Ask us what you are looking for. We collect information only available in the local language. And we hand pick quality information, digest it, and create a report to provide you a local perspective. 
Business Development

Open, Connect, and Engage.  Finding out key persons and figuring out how to approach them, we open up communication channels, connect people and ideas, and engage our passion to grow your business and make innovation happen. We search and select potential clients and partners, then find a way to meet them in person. Making a personal connection is the first step to build mutual trust. We fine tune communication wavelength for building trust in business relationships. Based on trust and better understanding, thoughts flow smoothly and we get busy generate ideas for innovative businesses and services.

First, we explore. We chat to get to know each other. We'll talk about your business, challenges you face, and possibilities. And it's easy to begin with  

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