Blending business and culture for international business, we help you create value and new opportunities in today's global economy.

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Local market insights
We live and breathe in the local market. We listen and speak to the local people. We ride trains daily and shop at local stores. After all, we are the locals. We bring life to survey data so you can get the whole picture from both a bird's eye view and down where the rubber meets the road. We work side by side with you to identify and select best opportunities. Our insider view with outside the box ideas will take you to the best ride on the market.
Local info & knowledge
There is an ocean of information on the Internet and you can surf right from your home country. Which information is correct, though? Which is misleading? Which can you trust? Furthermore, what about the wealth of information that cannot be found on the Internet? Ask us.
We work while you are sleeping
As your local business representatives, we can contact potential customers easily. No flight reservations are required. No need to stay late in your office or miss a dinner party to speak with customers. Besides, your customers would rather call a local phone number than an international number. We’ll take care of it.
Better communication and building trust
Face-to-face communication is an important aspect of building trust. Sure, people can communicate through email, online chatting, and the phone. It is efficient and convenient, but, as many studies show, face time is far more effective for better relationships. We close the gap and meet your clients on behalf of you.

First, we get to know you. We talk about your vision, product, service, and people. Based on this information, we carefully map out a unique strategy. Then, we get to know your customers and clients in person and build trust for your company.

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